A Practical Guide To Help Smart Students Become Brilliant Marketers
how to start your marketing career as a student ebook

[guide] How to Start Your Marketing Career as a Student

Why such a guide on marketing?

A marketing career can be an amazing choice for a smart and multi-talented young person. Especially today, when innovation and awesome products emerge everywhere and small teams of daring people, most of them also young, disrupt entire industries and reshape not only huge markets but, more importantly, our behaviours.

How to use this guide

This guide wants to help you get closer to getting a job in a marketing role either in Romania or abroad. In this first edition, we focused on three things that we believed could help you: what skills you could choose to train for in the vast marketing field, where to start learning and where to start practicing.

As we wanted this ebook to be a practical guide for you in your process of getting closer to a marketing job, at the end of each chapter, we included a TO DO List with the essential things you could do right away.

In the Introduction, we give you 5 argument about the great opportunity of starting to learn and do proper marketing today, as in a rather short time such skills will be highly needed in markets like Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest etc, places that are booming with tech innovation and will go hard into building software products in the next couple of years.

In Chapter 1, we tell you what marketing means today, what options you’ve got in terms of skills and what companies in the market (in places like the UK, Germany and Romania) look for when they recruit marketers.

In Chapter 2, we give you some practical suggestions for starting your learning in marketing, in three areas: places you can learn online, places you can learn marketing offline, and another method you can use – learning marketing by getting a mentor to help you along. We tried to make a balanced selection of free and paid courses, and tell you about some valuable projects that provide education on or around marketing.

In Chapter 3, we want to get you to actually practice whatever marketing knowledge you acquired using the suggestions in the previous chapter. We considered this essential, as you cannot be a good marketer without practising and getting your high flying knowledge hit the market and get into the real validation realm: the user. The focus in this chapter was again on three areas: you can use your own channels to start practicing digital marketing (like creating a blog, doing social media etc), you can get an internship and practice in a real business environment, if you are bold enough, you can even create your own business, a startup of a certain kind, or make a bigger jump and try to hack a job.


INTRODUCTIONThe best time to become a marketer


Read CHAPTER 1Your Skills Options


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